Crazy life.....Crazy girl
2001-03-27 05:01:09 (UTC)

Oh my GOSH! So much has..

Oh my GOSH! So much has happened in the past week. Last
week was Spring Break, and thats why i didn't write for
that entire week...But, i didn't go anywhere for break,
just stayed in town and had fun. Actually, thats not true.
I went to Denver and shopped for clothes and just to have a
little vacation. I can't believe that we only have 36 more
days if school...I'm so ready to be done with it though!
Oooohhhh, i found out today that I'm accepted to my first
choice college, which is really cool because its not only a
hard school to get into, but a good school too! Today, i
also played the best round of golf i have ever played. I
shot a 45, and it really made me happy. I hope i play that
well tomorrow because we have a tournament! Ok, the last
bit of info, and this is also the saddest of all the things
that happened to me this past week...Justin and Amy are
going to prom together...AMY!?!?!? yes, a girl that also
works with me and Justin. I couldn't believe it when i
heard that she and he were going together because he had
always told me that he didn't like social events like PROM
and other things of that nature. So, not only is he a TOTAL
HIPPOCRIT, but he also made me a little upset becuase he
and she are also dating now...GRRR....i gotta go, but will
write more as soon as I get a chance! SOMEONE WISH ME LUCK
FOR THE TOURNAMENT TOMORROW! God only knows i need it!