to. Knight

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2001-11-20 14:32:38 (UTC)

the weekend.

wow this was one great weekend. getting into parties for
free getting ito my school's game of the year for free. And
when we got in we got in just in time to see pide pablo
running off the feild right into us. it was great. the
night before we were in the VIP at the roxy..oh yea...I was
in orland at the orlando classic. Yes, I refuse to make
complete sentences right now. but anyway...later after the
game, we were at universal for the classic luau. we were
rubing elbows with Ludacris and music, and was
hot like a mutha. oh and hoes? so many freakin
many. aight.back to reality when i get homw though. still
trying to do my business on campus, and back home i find
out my father is in thehospital....:( and on that
note..I'll sign off.


the crazy one