2001-11-20 13:46:56 (UTC)

Took the Weekend Off

I've been feeling as if I'm coming down with a cold but I
don't have one quite just yet. Coughing. Sneezing. General
malaise. But I can't say I have (or had) a cold. I think
extra sleeping and resting threw it off which is a GOOD
thing! Anyway, I feel better.

This is not to say that I've been resting ALL the time.
Over the week-end I vacuumed the house, made an apple
cobbler from Wanda's apples, took the turkey out of the
freezer and put it in the refrigerator in the garage and
sewed some blocks for the Angel sampler quilt.

Today was a very busy day. In the morning John and I went
to Albany. We went to Costco which was crowded but not
nearly as crowded as the one in Eugene must have been. John
looked for a little clock radio, like the one he'd boughht
for Owen, for Hugh for Christmas but they didn't have any.
I bought enough marachino cherries, bananas and oranges to
make ambrosia salad for an army but it's part of the
Thanksgiving tradition to have that in a cut glass crystal
bowl on Thanksgiving and again at Christmas so I spend a few
hours peeling, seeding, and cutting oranges and all the
other fruit for it.

We also went to the bread store where John found some
cranberry/nut bread and some big packages of raisin English
muffins on the discount shelf and I bought enough other
bread for turkey stuffing. Then I went to the used
bookstore with a box of books to trade while John went to
get parts for the hallway door which needs to be repaired.
I'm glad I didn't find any books I wanted as he didn't take
many of the books we had for trade.

Then home again and lunch and off to Eugene with the cats.
We stopped at the bank to get cash to pay for their shots
and then John stopped at a lumberyard to look for wood to
repair his office cabinets; he didn't find any. Then the
shots. Spice is six years old. She's part Siamese and she
let us know it in the car all the way into town "Meow, meow.
Let me out! Let me out! Meow. Meow." Well, she didn't
ACTUALLY say "Let me out!" but she would have if she could.
She's sort of a short, plump cat and could pass for a small
badger but she's quite healthy, according to the vet who
examined her. Sugar, who is seven, and long, sleek and
elegant, may not be as healthy. The vet says he could hear
quite a loud heart murmur. He hadn't heard it before. He
told us what to look out for but we haven't seen any of the
symptoms he mentioned as yet. This is good.

After going to the home fermenter's to get wine yeast and
other esoteric supplies John needs to convert the grapes
we picked into wine, we went to Costco to fill up with gas
($1.15 a gallon). We could see just how busy that store
was. Whew! Glad we didn't go shopping there! We decided
to let Spice out of her little carrier for the ride home.
She was frightened at first by seeing everything move by her
so quickly but she soon settled in my lap and sat quietly,
watching everything go by out the window. What an adventure
for a little cat! I'm sure she had no idea how big the
world really is! She was happy to get home and so were we.

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