De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-11-20 13:21:17 (UTC)

Chapter 2

Tuesday 20/11/2001

The previous 50 entries summarises my experiences during
SEP and at Weir House. Wonderful memories they are...

here begins the next chapter of my stay in New Zealand..I
was debating whether to close this diary and start a new
journal...but for convenience..i decided to continue
updating this one for the next 6 months...

after smoothly shifting into my new place, me, seyan and YL
went around visiting the others at their new place. Anson,
ShiChao, Amber are all doing summer papers..Anson and Amber
have also shifted to Everton Hall while ShiChao is at Uni
Hall...juz a stone's throw away from Weir..and Hannah's his
neighbour!! heheh

hopped over to luke's place last night...peter's TV finally
arrived!! yeaahhhh!! now we can watch videos on his
VCR...watched some mountain-biking vids called
Down...really entertaining crashes..amazing : ) and
spaceballs... a starwars parody..watched b4 long long time

then hadda project meeting this morning... yeah..believe it
or not..we are continuing with our s/w project... for
completeness sake... hadds productive discussion with luke
and david where we decided what to do with the proggy...

david then hanged out at my place...there's this big screen
TV at the we watched cable TV ...also had this
idea to rent PS2 and play over at my place... hehehe

nothing much really happened to know the 3 gals
even more...Nai and Mami tried to teach me
japanese...yeahhh... apparantly we are all of the same communication's gonna be easy..these gals are's really easy talkin to we chatted for
quite some time in the lounge...

it's funny how small pleasures like a TV to watch videos
with become so eagerly anticipated when u're alone out
here... makes me appreciate home even more... dinner's also
a constant thought now..i havta think of what to cook or
buy each day...minimising expenses of course..all in's a whole new game...and it's cool that i've have 3
great flatmates to hang out with and friends living nearby