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2001-11-20 13:14:53 (UTC)

The Good Day`s Keep Coming

In my lunch break my boss callesd.
He finaly gor to put thigs straigh and fix everything.
Im so happy!!!!
Now everything is okey, my ex cant do anything to hurt me
anymore or ruin all that Bob got a nother emploid to do.
Hopfully I will get my pay check by the end of this munth.
The whole problem was actuallt me beeing stupid.
I took whatever possibilety life would give me when I knew
S* had went back to his studies.
And they`re where all good exept from this boy, my ex.
I diddnt wanted to get together with, but I was weak, scared
and tired. So I though I`d be smart and do the best out of
it. But all the way it was S* I wanted.
My ex used me, he exploit me. He must have knew that
something was wrong deep in his hart when I refuesd to sleep
with him.
I tryed to get some time alone, but he always came over, if
I diddnt pick up the phone he called our house phone, then
my sister`s phone and then once my neightbor`s phone.
When he called to say that he was comming and I say`d no, Im
gonna wissit a frind om he, he sayd great, tell me where it
is and I`ll come to.
All I ever needed was to be alone!!!!
So I though maybe I`ll get something good out of this and
decided that I wanted this job.
Finaly when I got it, the first girl ever been emploid I
allmost had gave up and therefore I have the nanny job
He used to work there, but got a full time job now since he
has finished school end for about a munth ago he told Bob
that he diddnt wanted to work there anymore.
He diddnt quit, he just dont got the time, cause this
other job is so hard with long days, but he and a nother boy
is the onlyone who can do certan things at my job, they are
the onlyone with access to the server and they are the only
one with this password.
He is werry good friends with all the others there, but so
am I now and my boss probobly realised now that Im better
than him, even though he got better education then me.
Becuse Im a girl, I treat pepole better (Im verry
emosjonell) I clean and makes sure it look`s nice, the other
boy`s have been there longer than me so they are sick of it.
And Im always happy, frendly and good to all the others.
Thats becuse I love the place, Im so lucy who got a job
there, I pretty sure it would be allmost unpossible without
this boy who is now ny ex.

Bud I diddnt use him that much, not as he know atleast.
I borke up withe him befor I got this job, but he still
wanted me back.
Afther my first day alone there he came and akesd me that if
he quit his job, so he wont be so bussy if I then wanted to
get back together with him, but no.
I dont have any of those feelings for him, and I cant fool
my self, or him.
So now I got the best job in the world, thet Im not supose
to have, and a ex boyfried that suddently out of nowhere
started to make all this problems for me.
We where good friends for quit a long while afther the brak
Well maybe he just wane make me need him, but I dont cuz Bob
made this other boy, a friend of him fix all the problems,
he allso know the password,hehe.

U`til next time!