2001-11-20 13:02:49 (UTC)

Moving along towards questioning

Well, went out last night, got a little drunk, danced a
whole lot, and then came back. Then my friend jon wanted to
release some anger, so I sparred with him. A very thorough
evening indeed. Also met Rochelle's boyfriend yesterday...
he seem like a really cool guy, friendly, and quiet at
times and loud in others. Interesting guy. I went to London
over the weekend, and while I saw Les Miserables and the
Harry Potter movie, the part of the trip that stands out
the most was when carrie and I proceeded to Harrods. I saw
all the christmas decorations. It made me miss home, with
my family and friends, and being able to spend time with
them. So many of them are anxious to get together when I
get home, and I'm going to have such a tremendous response
with people wanting to hangout and talk to me, it'll
probably be more than I can deal with. It'll be like being
a celebrity at home. Just missing home more right now,
family, and my friends. I'll see you all soon.

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