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2001-11-20 12:49:22 (UTC)


Ok! I had the best time in chat today! First Chris instant
messages me saying he meet another and he he's happy! Which
makes me REALLY happy!

Then I go into this room and there are like 5 people in the
room.......they are too funny! I know I'm going to love
them! I added them to my yahoo! pager! I hope I get to know
them ALOT better! Heres a part of the transcript. I HAD to
save it!

But so you know...... this --- . o O ( yada yada yada ) is
OOC ( out of character ) But the rest is IC ( in character

demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( are you five ? )
claudiavampchild . o O ( I ish not 5! )
claudiavampchild . o O ( I ish 17! )
€ demon_leapra_messiah nods slowly "thats why you ask for
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( ish 19 )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( heh *strokes the velvet
some* ok )
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( ish startint to feel the
effects of being up for way to many hours )
claudiavampchild . o O ( ~growls~ 5..~mumbles threats under
breath, staring in Kara's direction~ )
kera_dark_angel nods" yes that is why I need you"
€ demon_leapra_messiah nods and smiles "then tahts not a
problem The great leapra can do it"
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( ohhh she growls fiesty )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( does she have a mommy ? )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( can growl too )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( and bite )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( only purrrssss )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( heh )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( meow )
claudiavampchild . o O ( No! She dun have a mommy, just two thats some what femine and the other thats a
brat )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( hisss )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( Ooooo, a homosexual
couple? )
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( yes bite bite bite )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( folmao )
claudiavampchild . o O ( And on that farm he had a
cow.....*points to Demon* Your turn to make an animal sound!
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( is she invitro then? )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( or like a surrogate then )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( *bites leapra* )
claudiavampchild . o O ( Ever see IWTV or read any Anne Rice
books ? )
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( my turn *moans from beging
biten* )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( unless the dads are
hermaphrodites )
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( ^_^ )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( homosexual
hermaphrodites.......hmmmm...hows that? )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( thought you were going to bite me
and then go ic and do me? )
claudiavampchild . o O ( no no! they ish, in
vampires.. )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( how can you be homosexual,
if you are a......n/m )

demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( hmm im more of a suducer )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( she has about three mommies and four
daddies )
claudiavampchild . o O ( Oh shit.I hate when I do that! )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( because, homosexuals are
people of the same sex who are attracted to each other, but
hermaphrodites are errr, something )
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( ish just here..ish just weird )
kera_dark_angel says, ?think drags leapra ic again
kera_dark_angel . o O ( throws thought bubbles around that )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( your post leapra )
€ demon_leapra_messiah he leans up kissing her neck
pressing his body to hers his hands slide aroudn to her back
up to the upper part of her back then slides back down to
the lower part
claudiavampchild . o O ( OMFG Britney! *falls outta her
chair to get to t.v* Hehe....Britney Spears.... )
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( oh wow )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( fondles Britney )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( hmmm )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( too much plastic )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( coughs up a britney hair ball )
claudiavampchild crosses her arms, doll still in arms,
glaring at the 'action' in front of her with the two beings,
wishing she herself could do that with another.
claudiavampchild . o O ( Her ish not plastic! Malibu Barbie
is! :P )
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( umm no comment )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( lmao )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( fondles malibu
barbie......feels more human than britney )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( herd she was going to be in a pron
called britney does all )
claudiavampchild . o O ( *takes Britney ball and adds it to
her own* )
claudiavampchild . o O ( YOINK! )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( lol )
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( umm still no comment )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( wonders if she is a cyborg
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( could explain why she has
no creativity )
claudiavampchild . o O ( Hey hey hey now! I see the way your
eyeing MY Britney balls! *looks around* Ok that didn't come
out right did it ? )
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( wow )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( claudia has balls? )
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( britney balls )
kera_dark_angel kisses leapra on the lips as she moves her
arms around his shoulders holding him, her body pressed
tightly against his as she looks him in the eyes a moment
and then closes them , she then presses her tongue into his
mouth and massages his tongue with hers as she sits on his
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( not surprising since she
has hermaphrodite parents )
claudiavampchild . o O ( *looks down and blushes, covering
cheeks with hands* I didn't mean literally balls, as in
sweaty man balls. )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( wow britney had a dark secreat that
just cam out, no wonder she wanted plastic surgery )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( lol )
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( lol isnt that always their
excusses )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( lol )
claudiavampchild . o O ( lol )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( heh )
€ demon_leapra_messiah he lips wrap tightly around her
tongue he begins to suck upon it as he grips tightly onto
her back
Muordes enters
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( ya )
claudiavampchild walks behind the two, who are obviously
trying to mate with their clothes on. Raises her hand to her
mouth and coughs, although it's a forced cough.
kera_dark_angel feels eyes of a little one on her and pulls
out of the kiss and out of his grip turning to claudia and
smiles some as she says" may I help you little one?"
kera_dark_angel . o O ( leapra and kera are naked in a hot
tub )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( lol )
claudiavampchild . o O ( oh shit! )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( claudia can't tell )
claudiavampchild . o O ( *slaps self* )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( lol )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( she never saw anyone naked
i guess )
demon_leapra_messiah he smiles at claudia "well hello
there" he lifts himself upwards slightly pressing himself
into her more as he kisses at her shoulder' His tongue
slides across her skin
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( heh )
claudiavampchild . o O ( well this one time, she killed this
woman, cos she wanted to be her, tore off her clothes and
let the woman's nakled body decay in her bed. )
claudiavampchild . o O ( but her daddies punished her )
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( nice )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( ate someone T1 )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( long time though )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( kills farries and watches them bleed
and twitch )
claudiavampchild says, "Yes! Ummmm...." She looks at them.
Her head tilted to the side, watching what the man is doing.
A smile creeping across her lips, just staring
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( mass slaugjhter upon people a
clan more like it )
claudiavampchild . o O ( omfg thats mean! thats like my
brothers and catching flies and tearing off their wings! )
claudiavampchild . o O ( or burning my barbie dolls in the
oven. )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( is farries like faeries? )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( or is it some mutated typo
spawn? )
€ demon_leapra_messiah he kisses up the side of kara's neck
slowly his tongu running out over her skin he smiles more as
he looks at claudia "what can we do for you"
claudiavampchild . o O ( *still has it in for her oldest
brother for ruining her 7th birthday by presenting her with
a pile of melted barbie dolls* )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( they are creepy little midgets that
fly around spreading too much happyness, no wonder most gay
guys like'em )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( cool )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( like claudias dads? )
claudiavampchild . o O ( You'd be the first! )
claudiavampchild . o O ( Tee hee )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( homosexual, hermaphrodites
that like farries? )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( o_O )
claudiavampchild . o O ( No......Stat would HATE the
farries....but my dad Louis.....he would LOVE um! )
kera_dark_angel shivers with leapra's touch and smiles at
claudia trying to main tain herself and not do any thing
infront of the girl even tho she wants to turn around and
just fuck leapra, she keeps her eyes locked on the child as
she tries to compose herself from feeling really horney at
the moment
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( ponders
rp.........hmmmmmmm )
Vivid_Enmity enters
Vivid_Enmity leaves
claudiavampchild holds her doll out, the doll being an
exact replica of herself, she smiles, being careful as not
to bare her small fangs.
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( was almost a
kindered.....but...being a vampiric dragon....just wouldn't
work )
claudiavampchild . o O ( *blinks at the word horney, smiling
she breaks into song and dance* me, me, me , me so
HORNEY!!!!!!!!!!!! *sings and dances* )
kera_dark_angel looks at claudia and says" would you want
some thing to eat I have lots of different kinds of blood, I
even have farries blood if you wnat it?"
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( satisfies claudias
horniness? )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( *pins and rapes claudia* )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( *pouts cause she didn't get raped* )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( *runs away* )
claudiavampchild says, "Not a human mortal blood ?
Ew...that's probably just as bad as rats.." She says
disgusted, cringing at the thought. "No...I'm just sad." She
€ demon_leapra_messiah he smiles and licks her neck again
"nice dolly
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( horny?! )
claudiavampchild . o O ( HEY! *runs and tackles Kara and
rapes him* )
claudiavampchild . o O ( better )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( *rapes her back* )
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( *takes pics joins in for a
threesom* )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( cant rape someone whos
willing )
david_the_peasant enters
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( lol )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( *slaps leapra and says " mine " and
hugs claudia )
claudiavampchild . o O ( *loves all the attention* )
claudiavampchild . o O ( ^_^ )
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( *pouts and walks back ic* )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( *tears claudia from kera*
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( mine!! )
claudiavampchild . o O ( I feel like a Backstreet Boy in an
all gay mens dance club! )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( *rapes her in a phone
booth* )
kera_dark_angel looks back at leapra and turna around so he
is pressed into her , a smirk on her face as she stands
there looking him in the eyes" do you mind there is a child
here" giggles some as she is a naughty angel and really
doesn't care and thinks the child could do with some sex ed
claudiavampchild says, "I am NOT a child!" She shouts,
glaring now at Kera. "I am most likely older then you
miss....." She snaps coldly.
claudiavampchild . o O ( *fucks back* )
claudiavampchild . o O ( YES YES YES! )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( lol )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( *licks her inner thigh* )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( hmmmm )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( ^_^ )
david_the_peasant leaves
€ demon_leapra_messiah he smiles "oh older you say" he
smiles "well then..that could be intresting" he licks his
lips watching claudia as he kisses kera's neck his hands
roaming up and down her sides sliding around to her front
claudiavampchild . o O ( *Moans, then looks down thinking
why Kara said MmMm..* Ohh! Thats where the oero cookie went!
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( stabs the peasant from the
phone booth )
claudiavampchild . o O ( oreo* )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( lol )
Lady_Cathaera enters
Lady_Cathaera leaves
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( nice very nice )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( women have all the hiding
places )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( lol and hides the oreo's in her shit
kera_dark_angel says, shirt^
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( lmao )
claudiavampchild . o O ( *doesnt want the oreo* Ahhhhh yeah,
keep it! )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( kicks herself har for that one )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( i thopught you shoved it
up your ass )
claudiavampchild . o O ( lmfao! You MEANT shit! We know you
did! )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( its still not as bad as saying your
eating out a potato )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( runs to a corner and cries )
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( *pats kera* there there )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( *invites kera to join?* )
claudiavampchild . o O ( *watches Kara* I have a friend that
runs in circles! I Love her! )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( pulls leaprs to the floor and fucks
him silly )
demon_leapra_messiah . o O ( yes yes yes yes yes yes )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( *sings a song while fucking him* I
diod all for the cookie , the cookie )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( an orgy )
kera_dark_angel says, did^
claudiavampchild . o O ( LMFAO! *watches the fuck and humps
a pole* )
kera_dark_angel . o O ( lol )
Karamesh_The_Elven_Dragon . o O ( lol )

~The End~

*is crying she's laughing so hard*


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