Yong YuanWu

My Intimate Self
2001-11-20 12:48:24 (UTC)

My Poetic Talents!

After two days of delaying, I’m finally writing down this
ground breaking news.
I’ve just receive two letters from Poetry.com . One of the
letter is about the love poem in tribute to Her. In
the letter it says that they want to record my poem in CD
and cassette. This is the second letter of the sort that I

Now here’s the great news, so listen up folks. My first
poem, titled “The Supporting Pillars” helped me to reserve
a place in the ‘Best Poem and Poet of 2001’ anthology. It
was indeed a great feat that I’ve achieved thus far I’ve
lived on this planet. That poem of course in not in that
anthology, instead I have to come up with a new poem for
that book. They are also setting a contest among those
enlisted in the Best Poem and Poet of 2001. That means I
have a chance to win US$3500. Hah, asre holes. To those who
looked down on me, I ain’t no loser to anyone(I'm one big kiasu
miser!). Being a redneck in class doesn’t mean I a stupid ass who
knows nothing. I do agree that empty vessel makes the most noise,
but I ain’t no empty vessel. I’m a cannon. A loud noise
with an impact. Hahaha...... I like to brag about myself.
By the way, an invitation to a poet’s convention, held from
1st to 3rd March in Walt Disney’s World, Orlando, Florida
is on its way to my home. But I don’t think I’ll be able to
attend due to my family’s financial status. Hai......

Lastly, good thing I’ve continued to write poems after the
first one. All I need to do now is to modify the poem to
suit the contest. Hopefully, I’ll be able to win that cash.
Bless me!