Journey to Me
2001-11-20 12:29:38 (UTC)

ok, so it s been a while since..

ok, so it's been a while since i've written, but that's
what happens when you have a life. my schedule is so full i
don't think i could squeeze anything else into it at the
moment. ok, so just a few things to say this beautiful
tuesday morning at 7:21am. Amber Land is coming in today,
hopefully i'll get to see her tonight :). jeff and i got
into another stupid fight the other day. we're better now.
Matt wouldn't talk to me to a few days, but we talked last
night. Eng and i are goin to my winter formal together so
that should be fun. i went to see Zico last week and we had
an eccellent time. i miss him. talked to brian, and i
really miss him too. wish he was still here. swimming is
good, having a good time with that. i like the new coach
and her family, think this will be good for us. classes are
goin pretty good, and i got an A on my biol test that i
thought i was gonna fail. i'm gonna start hanging out with
the guys more again. i miss them and they're just across
the street. Chad was funny yesterday "miss cleo from the
television" :) miss him too. not sure why we stopped hangin
out, but looks like we're gonna start again.

so it's breakfast time and i'm starved. i'll write later
and hopefully get some emotions out.

~We are such stuff as dreams are made on...

on that note, i had a dream last night that i grew an extra
toe. ewwwwwwww, gross. make maris less of a freak ;) love
you maris!