writings on the wall
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2001-11-20 12:22:18 (UTC)

Broken promises

Louis promised that he will call me at 11 and i was
waiting until i fell asleep. I woke up at around 4 and when
I looked at my phone, there was no missed calls. I was
disappointed. I hate it when people break their promises
because it reminds me of how Steven, a guy I used to be
crazy about stood me up for a few times. I knew that Steven
had only one thing on his mind that I was not prepared to
give him:sex. So after that, I stopped seeing him.

Louis asked me if I was angry at me and he called me a
few times the next morning but then I was working so I
didn't answer his calls. He tried calling me about 7 times
or so, I wonder if he thinks that I am angry and that I
didn't want to answer his calls...

Saw my ex on ICQ this evening and he messaged me 3
times but I didn't hear him. I was trying to message him
back to explain because he thought that I purposely didn't
want to reply his messages but then it was really slow.
Maybe this is what they call fate...