Rach's thoughts
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2001-11-20 11:50:36 (UTC)

Dirty weekend

So I went to York to visit the twins this weekend and oh my
god how do they end up covered in dirt permenantly. I mean
it was horrid. I just about ruined a pair of shoes.
Anyhow Matt was there and we had a few drinks and a laugh. I
miss him at times. It was kind of strange being with all of
them but not in Edinburgh.
I spent yesterday in bed sleeping off the weekend. I still
made it to my afternoon lectures.
OK so todays dilema is, J is coming back to Edinburgh today
and it's Tuesday so I normaly spend tonoght with T. How do I
spend tonight with J without T realising? I know that I'll
end up hurting one or both of them. J did know about T but I
try not to remind him. And T knows about J as an ex.
Ok so I'm a bitch, what's new?
Love and light