Wolf Crow
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2001-11-20 06:51:05 (UTC)

Ahhh a nice week....

Well today is my last day of my days off of work then is
back to the grind of normal life. Lets see me and Matt
broke up about 2 weeks ago but, I still try to talk to him
although I always start to argue with him now so I wont
whine to you all here like 90% of the other diaries. Work
is ok still do the same stuff 9-5 every day, it pays the
bills. One of my friends is really down with collage and
everything and i'm chatting with him right now on ICQ hope
hes ok hes real sweet. All of my room mates are back from
a con they went to wish I could have gone but, Matt was
going to go and I didn't want to bump into him there and
start a fight.

Going down to visit my family after Dec so that should be
cool and alot warmer than here. Rented 2 movies nothing
great, saw The One a few days ago very good movie. Hmm,
been thinking about going to the bars here on 'gay night'
but, I don't know i'm perty shy about that kind of stuff.
Well any input would be great. Thanks!