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2001-11-20 06:37:34 (UTC)

random thots

2001-11-14 02:15:50 (GMT)
(wrote this on Nov. 14 in my paper (real) diary)


So much has changed

Life is incredibly different - single after 8 months, its

I don't like rejecting people.

3 guys in one nite told me I was hot and/or attractive

didn't really mean much from two of em
not sure if I'm interested in the third guy or not. I mean,
I'm incredibly hesitant to get into a relationship rite
now. But, I'm not gonna close my eyes.

why can't the guys with great out sides have great insides,
and vice versa? Why is it so damn rare?

Everyone who knows me knows a different person.
Just how I am... I adapt to people.
I guess thats one of the reasons I don't like groups, and
new people

groups - can't adapt to that many people at once -- and by
adapt I mean change to suit their personality - if they're
sweet and quiet, I follow, if they're philosophical,
mature, immature, whatever, I follow.... its not changing
myself, just choosing which side to show, cuz I'm a lot of

new people - don't know what to show