hello kitty cat
2001-11-20 06:00:20 (UTC)


So today was quite strange. To tell you the truth I don't
really remembered what happened at school today. After
school we didn't have a ride (Me and Alex..) so we went to
Pauls. He was playing video games with those 2 army
boys...I don't really feel like writing about it..I ended
up leaving because Paul was being a jerk to Jason..and to
me about Jason. He means well...but I swear..if he stopped
to listen once and a while....ack. Well Jason and I watched
Swordfish..I fell asleep ..surprise surprise..I like
falling asleep with him though. He makes me feel so safe.
Dad finally is acting kinda normal around him it's Dad is so weird. When Jasno and I were watching
the movie my Dad came upstairs and just randomly started
vacuuming...cause he's a huge dork. Anyway...I really don't
feel like writing..and I don't know why I'm writing
still..I want to go call Jason..I'll write about the