even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-11-20 04:58:49 (UTC)

spiderhouse, back seat windows up

so today i had dhall and a shrink appt. and then alex,
apul, and the army guys and i went to spiderhouse and
draink chai tea and i had hot chocalate... and this mornign
pual and i went to ihop and had breakfast, and .. yea.. it
was fun, it always is.. paul was like, i forgot how you two
are when you get together, and we are, but tis so fun.. we
got to sit in the back with teggi in the middle, and we
were all rubvbbing up on his thighs.. and tennysons only
kissed one girl, once.. tis so cute! and teggi, never
kissed a girl.. and id ont; kwno about paul, i haven't
asked, cause i think it might get weird.. i was thinking
baout it the other day though...i want to knwo, but i dont;
want to ask... those army guys are so great... man... my
friends rule... its really good seeing pual, too.. only its
kind of weird... i dont; want to cross anylines with him
that i wouldnt mind not being able to not uncross, you
know? but i dont; kwno where the lines run... i hope i
don't fuck up... i was thinking abotu it, wehn the boys
were looking the the yearbook for guys to "hook me up with"
and i like... maybe it was just those guys, or maybe its if
it doesn;t "just happen" i dont know, im so opposed to like
forced or like.. diplomatic dating.. im all about the
flow... maybe thats lame, but... i mena, dont; force it...
i want something liek that to flow, and if it doesn't
happen, then it doesn't, and id didn't, so get over it, you
knwo? tht brings up fate and destiny.. blah! too muc
htinking.. its warm in my house, and the get up kids are on
my winamp, and this song makes me so happy... god i love
this song...