The Useless Drag of Another Day
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2001-03-27 03:24:44 (UTC)

the sun is shining, its radiating

James Iha's 33rd birthday, 9:11 p.m.
song of the moment: no rain by blind melon (some songs just
never get old)

i wish i could always feel like i do today, i wish i could
always sit here and appreciate being alive. and the bad
stuff doesnt seem so bad right now. and the good stuff
seems indescribably beautiful. and i'm greatful for
everything. for the things that eat me up inside and the
things that raise me to pure euphoric glory. and at this
moment, love is far stronger than distance. nothing could
bring me down right now. everything that happens is the
best thing ever. and i'm happy that i turned on the radio
today and a song by my favorite band was on the radio. and
did you notice that the stars are shining tonight. if they
arent where you are, they are somewhere. and the world is
still around. it hasnt ended. thats enough to make me
ecstatic right now. love peace empathy mischief desire and
gladness to everyone!

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