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2001-11-20 04:45:40 (UTC)

Monday, November 19, 2001 middle school experience

ok, so I missed a day. Oh well. I finally got to talk to
my parents last night about school. My dad said they just
can't afford to send me to school where I want to go right
now. His advice was to wait until next August (almost a
whole year!) and hopefully by then he will have enough
money saved for me to go there for a semester. He said he
does not want me going to school there and working full
time. He suggested that, in the meantime, I should move
back home and take the Spanish class I need for my BA back
at the Commnuity college. I really did not want to that.
That was very discouraging for me to hear that. Especially
after how hard I have worked in my classes since last June,
and in my 2 jobs I have now to save money for school as
well as trying so hard to find another job in this town. My
grandad does not want me to get a job in a hotel working
the graveyard shift. But if I can find one that is hiring,
I will do it anyway. I need all the extra money for school
I can get. I know I can get this degree someday. And I
will. Even if it means no eating or sleeping for the next 2
Well, today I had my first experience substitute teaching
in Middle school. It is alot different than elementary
school. Actually, I was not exactly teaching, I was in ISS
all day. For any of you who may not know what ISS is, it is
the In School Suspension Program. So basically I got all
the kids (6th-8th grade) that were giving their teachers
problems. It really was not bad, though. I thought it was
going to be worse. Especially since I am very small, and I
am only 20 years old, but I look like I am 16 or 17. At
first, this one kid (who is REALLY BAD, the teachers tell
me he is in there just about every day) was like, "oh, you
look easy, I am glad you are my sub today, because I will
give you lots of trouble!" then, after about an hour, he
was telling all the other kids that came in there that I am
mean, because I was not letting him get away with anything.
He said I am more strict than the regular teacher. I think
that is good, though, because now maybe the next time I
teach at that school, whether it be ISS or not, I will get
more respect from the students because of the reputation I
have earned. I actually had one kid in the class today that
was telling everyone he brought anthrax to class, but it
turned out that the "anthrax" was actually little white
pieces of paper! I let the principal know, but nothing was
done. He was just told that if he mentioned anthrax again
that we would have to call the deputy and his parents. He
just said he didn't care and shook it off. I also had a
girl in there that I caught sniffing her white out, so I
took it away from her until she went home. She tried
accusing me of stealing, but the principal told her had
every right to take it from her, since she was not using it
the way it was supposed to be used. She then started
accusing me of not helping her with her work (which I did
try to, but she didn't want help) but their were witnesses
that saw me trying to help her and the principal did not
believe her anyway, since she apparently tries this stuff
often. When she found out there was nothing she could do to
get me in trouble (since I had not done anything wrong, she
just did not like the fact that I would not let her talk to
her friends and I made her do her homework and I would not
let her get up and walk around the room as she pleased and
I would not let her sniff her white out), she became very
dissrespectful and would not do anything I asked her to do,
but she did everything I asked her not to do. She said that
no one could tell her what to do. She was actually in there
today because her shorts were too short, and she kept
telling me she was going to wear shorter ones tomorrow to
prove that girls have the right to wear their shorts as
short as they want. She said she did not care if she got
ISS tomorrow or if she got suspended, because she plans on
dropping out of school when she turns 16. She said her mom
would not care anyways, because her mom lets her do
whatever she wants. I ended up writing her up towards the
end of the day, and she got 2 days of morning detention,
and if she doesn't show up tomorrow morning at 7:30 am she
will be suspended. For someone who doesn't care about
getting suspended, she sure was pretty upset with me.
I felt really sorry for those kids in that class today. I
mean, her parents don't care if she gets suspended? She
WANTS to drop out of school when she turns 16? It is really
sad for me to see someone who just does not care about
their own future. The boy who tried to scare everyone about
anthrax said that his plans are to drop out of school when
he turns 16 so he can get a job at Mc'Donald's and make
alot of money working there full-time. Out of all the kids
in there today, there was only one who actually said he
wanted to graduate high school so he can go to college. I
really don't understand why he was in ISS today. He seamed
like a really bright kid. He was quiet, was the only kid in
there who did not give me any trouble AT ALL and spent the
whole day actually trying to do his homework. When he
finished his work (he was also the only kid in there that
did that) he found a history book and started reading. I
hope that kind of attitude does not change for him. As far
as the rest of them...that really broke my heart to hear
the plans and goals they set for themselves. I know they
all have the potential to do much, much, much better than
that if only they could see what they are doing to
themselves and how much they are hurting themselves by not
even trying. I wish there was something I could do. I was
thinking about seeing if I can somehow get them involved in
some after school program that I could volunteer at or
something. I don't know. If there was something I could do
to help, I wouldn't mind staying here...hey if any of my
readers have any suggestions, let me know.

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