Everything about Everything
2001-11-20 04:35:37 (UTC)

how it going

Hey Dia,
I know its been a while but i have been busy. Well
to make it short D and I are doing great!!!!!!!! We talked
and we are very happy!! I was with him at 8am-1am it was
great. We went to his brother soccer game and to the mall.
We slept and spent some time with Peewee. We also had Sex 3
times yep I know I'm good. He is my baby. He was REALLY
REALLY REALLY good. Maybe it was bc of night or the floor
but he was hitting it just right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And about PeeWee she is my cousin and her boy-friend is
cheating on her again. If she found out she would be so
hurt. I want her to know but I don't want to be the one to
tell her and me and her b-friend is cool. Plus I know the
other girl too. I hate to see her hurt. Well d and and I
may be going to west palm baech for thanksgiving. We are
suppost to any way (thats going to be cool) plus I'm
hungry. I really want us to go to Lakeland. Well to end on
a note I must say D was very Gooooood and I really do love
him!! He was sweet the whole weekend.