lil girl

my eyes
2001-11-20 04:33:57 (UTC)

Fuck I am so depressed

and just one hug would have the potential to make it a
little better....
but no. I am alone.

I don't understand how anyone could mock someone so angry
and upset as I was/am today.

Most of my rage has passed - just saddness and pain reside

great fun.
I want to stop going to school
I don't care right now
I need to talk to someone
I seriously do
Maybe I'll just go hang out in student services tomorrow
until a counsellor is free....

but fuck, what can they do for me?
My head hurts so much
took three extra strength tylenol: still hurts

Three weeks of headaches. no fun.
Make them stop please?

My mom might be coming home this week. Somehow that doesn't
make me feel better.

She's gonna be disappointed in me for the state my room is
in and my other various messes around the house.

And she'll probably be grouchy.

I need someone to see something beautiful in me.
actually see it, not just say it

Damn I need a hug.