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2001-11-20 04:18:55 (UTC)


Dear Heavenly Father,

I got the most incredible offer tonight. I have a chance
to go to New York City to help with the high school kids
there that might be having difficulty getting over what has
just happened in their home city. I need to know wether
you need me to go. I need to know if it is your will that
i submit myself to these teenagers and help revive their
city. I need to know if this is where you want me. Money
is definatly an issue but if it is your will please provide
the sources to be able to reach what i need. I feel this
is what i need to do and that this is where i need to go
but i need you to ok it first. If this is what you want
let everything fall into place... let my parents be ok with
it, let the money not be an issue, let time and missing
school not be a problem either, let it all work out. Then
i will know that this is what you want. That you need me
there. I also pray that you will show me the areas in my
life where i am being "religious" and help me to be
broken. Help me to be humble and attentive to what others
need. Thanx so much for loving me! Amen

Romans 8:28

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