Poetry of the Vampyress
2001-11-20 04:12:44 (UTC)

sweet hold love may not conqure

With my heart I sing to the child i do not know
but i gave you what i knew would not be understood
What will you think when i leave again for another
Is there a possiblity that you will hate me forever?

While at work today I thought I saw a small child sitting
at the fountain drinking something. He looked at me with
the best blue-green eyes. His lips were a pale red as if
turning cold, losing blood, or something of the like. On
one of his hands there was a weird mark, like that of a
birthmark but a tattoo, but yet not really there at all.
Like it disappeared and reappeared with each beat of his
heart. He looked so quiet and lovable, yet so distant and
hurt. So... Cold. I couldn't understand it, but I felt like
I knew him from inside. I knew his life. The way his mother
used him as a toy to make her men buy stuff, the way his
father never gave a damn about what happened to him. How
he'd visit this place every friday because his "adopted"
mother, the woman who worked the fountain in this place,
would buy him a drink of his liking. He was free when
drinking a cherry sprite, or vanilla coke, and in the
presense of this woman he had adopted to replace his
mother. What wasn't understood was what his name was. At
school, everyone made fun of him, even teachers thought he
should be living on the streets rather than in a home with
the rest of what they thought was civilzation. He faded as
I wanted to walk towards him. Sighing, I went back to help
a customer, pondering this boy who held my attention for
the few minutes he was there. I hope he would show to me

Maybe it was just that the fact i was tired.... *shrug*

*shrugs and walks away, still pondering*