tomorrows revolution today
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2001-11-20 03:59:11 (UTC)


Do you ever have one of those moments when you just
think... "Man, my life is so good. Yeah it can be crappy
and i can hate it but I really have it good." I had one of
those moments tonight.

Just think of all those people who dont have what you
have. We constantly complain about what we dont have and
what we want but rarely do we think about how, even without
those things, we have it really good. I know that
somewhere someone has it a heck of a lot worse off then
me. What they're gonna wear to school tomorrow is the last
thing on they're mind. Im just gonna ask you to next time
you think about something you want... stop and think if it
is really something you need. Now dont get me wrong
everyone needs a little me, myself, and I splurge time but
all im asking is that you dont let yourself get carried

"Always searching..."