Absolute Mayhem
2001-11-20 03:14:33 (UTC)

smooth or bumpy?

:::sigh::: i hate mondays...i always feel like a fuckn
piece of shit. i woke up and had a long morning....VERY
LONG...actually the whole day was kinda stressing me out
cuz homework. i swear im going to scream. i think
thanksgiving break is going to do me good. and then well...
i might just be a lil emotional right now..cuz well..;-).
lol. anyway. yeah. i guess i was kinda stressed too and
definately maybe worried?? cuz of how adam always acts sooo
different at school than outside...with the exception of
tuesday..the day after we started going back out again when
he came up behind me and held me. anyway. yeah...he just
seems soo...serious and almost icy cold. i dont like it. im
gonna talk to him about it this weekend maybe if he comes
over, or if i go to his house. it makes me
maybe he's thinking about breaking up..but then ill get
home and talk to him on the fone and he'll melt my heart.
lol. like he'll be singing..or he gets worried that i am
going to dump him like a rock (which i'd never do unless he
acted like a total asshole) and then later..i get online
and he's like icy again. it scares me. the fone call was
sooo goood .... the best in a few days...... i just think
adam and i need to talk. i mean like, he's always lookn
ahead and talking about the future..near and far...and he
always seems to have me in his he was saying
what he's gonna buy me for christmas...speakin of
which..adam's bday is dec. 5 and i donno what to get him..
he really likes those bubble lamp things..but i dunno..
lol. i know for christmas claire and i are going to get
together to bake cookies for billy and adam. i might get
adam like a gift cert. for AF or bestbuy. for one of his
occasions, and then a stuffed animal..since he SAYS he
doesnt have a fav, and a new bad boy necklace for him. he
had one..but his bro took it. lol. he looks hott in those.
well..weve been going out for a week and luc and
jordan have been giong out for 6 months as of today. and i
think im goign to go back to watching my duke vs. seton
hall game. halftime is over. keep ur fingers croseed that
things run smoother here soon....
lovingly worried,