2001-11-20 02:50:09 (UTC)

i went to school today!

you should be proud, i went to three day week
with two half days has nothing to do with that really.
haha! today was fun. we had a half hour fire drill cuz
someone pulled the plug. hehe. so i missed half hour of
fourth. oh yeah. then b/c it was really dusty outside my
contacts got all dry, so then i moved it around to get
tears to moisturize it, and i lost my contact in my eye,
then i found it b/c it fell out. then i went to the nurse,
but when i got there it was all dried up so i coudn't put
it in my eye. it was giving me a headache to have just one
contact in so i took the other one out, and spent the last
half hour of pre calc blind. and walked home blind. which
was fun when you have an ocular migrane. i couldn't see
nottin. i made it home safetly if anyone cares..(my mom
didn't) well she cared, but not enough to not yell at me
and refuse to gvie me a ride home. at the fire drill jon
and i boxed..i punched his hands..then he punched mine.
good fun. me likes to box. jon didn't punch hard..didn't
want to hurt me. prolly cuz i'm a girl but he said it was
b/c he was's his excuse for everything. but
anywho.....then i got home put on my glasses and went to
work. work sucked. that's all for now. byes!