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2001-11-19 23:38:05 (UTC)

My friend - all things was really there

I see two cats walking around the buildings. Without a owner they only could walk through buildings hoping to find some food there. They
march so slow but determinated. Sometimes some of them look at me
and meows. Most time they only march. Happiness no people wanted to
hurt them because there is no owner to be hurt if they would be lost.
Some people are so tough. I am very stressed and I know it when I
forget some frie on fire to burn. I need to get some rest if I could.
To maintain me and my sanity demands much energy every day.
But I think if I take a rest and all defenses falls and I act as any
people does. I prefer to be strong being are I than to be a rest
people with addictions or fears. If you can't do anything you may
turn it in addiction to compensate your willings. I understood these
days to have somethings common people have it is necessary to act as
they do.
My friend Mel she was always there. Are I that couldn't see her.
If I did call she would come. If I told her something she would read.
She always be there I understand it now.