A Hippie's Thoughts......
2001-11-20 02:29:16 (UTC)

welcome 2 highschool


well its been awhile since ive written..sorry~ i just
havent really felt the need since nothing really has
happened. but something did happen 2day~

well see one of my best friends and I got in this huge
fight about all this stupid idiotic crap..and im sick of
arguing and fighting..its *SO* getting old...

we had a fall sports banquet 2night...I got A letter 4
my letter jacket (whenever i decide 2 get one)..and i got
the *Top Newcomer award*...ooo go me..ha not! i guess it
makes up from the past 2 years when I havent gotten jack
crap 4 tennis..all the stupid ppl have~ (ooo no offense 2
neone on my team)

newayz...this fighting stuff is starting 2 bug me
really bad~ its like i cant win ..i just keep on losing and
it seems like everybody thinks everything is my fault..well
i have news 4 ya..ITS NOT!!!

yea i kinda got slapped in the face 2day with
highschool reality. i was listening to 3 ppl in my class
discuss this AWFUL party that was saturday and how some ppl
were so drunk..they were talking 2 beer bottles...and i
wonder how in the WORLD these ppl actually graduate!!!

well im going to go now~

Luv Ya Much,

I believe in heaven & know...
that I should just accept it all.
So content with tha paths that I walk on..
surely surely I should see it all..
So take care..
and dont go too far..
i will miss you so.
and when tha distance grows & tha nights are long..
and you're scared @ times and you wonder why..
take care and dont go 2 far..the road back home is shorter
than you know
~Moonpools & Caterpillars