dark child21

dear ana
2001-03-27 02:40:06 (UTC)

dear ana, Today has been a bad..

dear ana,
Today has been a bad day. I purge today and I will purge
later. I had also went to the dam consulor and she is
acting like she wants me to go to the hospital. She wants
me to go on my own cause she can't force me. Thats the good
thing about being over 18.
But to be honest with you, Iam kind of mad at you for
making me see myslef as fat even though I know i lost
weight. Iam kind of angry also how you constantly cuse me
out for even thinking about food. But hey at least you
protect me from the weight.
I feel like I will never be able to keep you though.
cause I know that I can't hide you forever no matter how
hard i try
I have to go now, but I will write more tomorrow. i have
an exam tomorrow. BYE!
Dark child