Foretold destiny

Chosen fate, Drowning Eden
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2001-11-20 01:57:11 (UTC)


You know...during my years of growing up; not physically,
but mentally, i have learned alot of things, about alot of
people. I have come to alot of conclusions. Made many
choices. Many mistakes. And though i may say otherwise, i
have many regrets. I have learned alot of things about
people; not specifiaclly, but in general. One of my
greatest pet peaves is people who THINK they know me sooooo
well, but never even bother to ask, which is basically
everybody which i have come in contact with or even come
remotly close to. You know who you are and you know what im
talking about. Only one decides to stand alone in his own
crowd. My best freind mark. Who takes the time to ask me
who i am instead of making assumptions; which in a sense
can be deadly. Assumptions....oh how i hate you so.
Stereotypes....oh how i dispise you so. I hate it that
people think im a devel worshiper because i wear black and
sk8 and have a spike bracelet and listen to KROQ and all
the other stuff i do which for some maraculous reason seems
to talk for itself and say "Hey judge me!" Why do people
assume they know me. When not one (eccept for the
previously mentioned person) has EVER bothered to ask me
who i am and has EVER givin me a chance to explain. I know
me. I know who i am. But if you dont ask you never will
know who i am. gonna tell you.

Im William Franklin Bowers
I like to wear black
I have black shoes
A black jacket
Black shirts
Black pants
I like to wear dickies
I like to sk8
I listen to KROQ
I like people
I like girls
I DO NOT like being made fun of
I AM NOT a devel worshiper
I love God
I am a christian
I do fairly well in school
Im smart
I dont get awsome grades but they are ok
I have a high reading level
I like to watch sk8 videos
I dont like stupid people
I dont like hypocrytes
I am me
I am the one who looks in the mirror and sees William
I understand me
I like to help people
I have freinds
I have 1 Best freind
I have enemys
I dont do drugs
I like more girls than i should
I have guts in everything accept when it comes to girls
I would say who i liked but that would get me into trouble
I am depressed
I am me
I am William Franklin Bowers who hates to be Stereotyped
and judged and ridiculed

You think you know me now?

Well you are wrong. You dont know me by far. And proabably
never will because i wont open up to your so you can eat
away at my insides like all my other "Acquaintances"