Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-11-20 01:55:41 (UTC)

*sighs deeply*

Thats not a sad sigh... its kinda of a, ugh sigh. Like,
Amanda IM'd me, thats leigh anns kid. I was like, whats
up? Did they get married? And shes like, yeah. What do
you think about it. I got this odd feeling, and said I
didnt know. SHes like, arent you mad? I said that I didnt
approve, but I couldnt change it. I dont remember if she
said she thought it was good or not. I think she did. And
I was like, Hes not the same person he was before, and I
think she said whos that, and I dotn knwo what I said but
shes like, he is a real person, and I said i had to go to
sleep, cuz i did, and shes like, yeah, whatever. I was
like, ohhkay. That doesnt sound like Amanda. I thought
she hated it. Turned out it was Leigh Ann. Im like,
wahtever, can we adopt those poor kids?!

Anyways, FIF does not suck. :)

Laters everyone!

Matt, Mary, Will, Jess, all you guyz... i love yas.