~*Monster Kitty*~

~*Stumbling Through Life*~
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2001-11-20 01:53:07 (UTC)


Its so hard!
Sometimes I feel like my life is one huge fuck up-like I
cant do anything right.
My grades-all B's. Thats me, as a B student, when I know I
can accomplish all A's.
My friends-always getting pissed off at me. Thats me, being
annoying, mean, and stupid, when I know I can just be cool-
and be a good friend.
My boyfriend-ummm there is none. Is there something wrong
with me? Deep inside I know I DONT WANT A BOYFRIEND. It may
sound crazy, but I just dont think I can handle guys right
now. Im not ready-I dont want to be seen walking down the
hall with any guy. The best way to put it is that Im just
not mature enough for a boyfriend.
And when I get all sad and depressed cuz everyone else has
a boyfriend but I dont....thats just me being jealous and

Anyways, I feel like I cant do anything right. My whole
life is messed up. The one thing that I CAN do right is my
magazine, and thats whats messing my grades up.

Love always, ~*Lily*~

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