My Life Story
2001-11-20 01:30:55 (UTC)

Oh my...

This has been a crazy weekend. Saturday night I got invited
to go watch the meteor shower with some people. I really
wanted to go and then one of the people going said he would
try and get B to go with me. He talked to B and...well, to
make a long story short, now B knows that I like him. He
decided not to go, but now C knows that I like B and
everything so that kinda rules out both of them now.
Yesterday after the show we had to strike the set. The girl
that's co-head of costumes with me was sick so she wasn't
there and the other 2 girls that had been helping us
refused to help so it was just me and a few devoted
friends. Thanks guys! Today I only had a half a day of
school. I had to go to the hospital for all me pre-op stuff
and to get blood taken and all that fun stuff. I have to be
there at 10:30 tomorrow morning and my surgery will be
between 11:30 and 12. I'm freaking out!! I'm so scared!! I
know it's nothing major and i'm sure everything will be
just fine, but i've never been in the hospital or anything
before! I don't know. Well, I'm sure I won't be online at
all tomorrow but maybe by wednesday I'll be feeling up to
it. Wish me luck tomorrow!!

Daria :)