My Life As A Teen
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2001-11-20 01:17:16 (UTC)

Monday, November 19, 2001: 7:01pm: Home

i just got home from play practice...i'm in the musical
Carousal, just to let u know. anyway, we did a bunch oh
sing today. at the very end of the rehershal the guys
showed us what they had done...which was a the dancing for
a song...then we showed them the dancing we did for the
song mister snow. we learned it last week and a lot of the
people in it had left early, so we didn't do it very well.

right now i'm doing homework. my geography teacher gave us
an assignment to create a mag about the energy crisis and
do editorials saying if there is or isn't one. it's due
tomorrow...ugh!!!...and of course i'm going to be up until
1 o'clock in the morning trying to finish it. anyway i hope
one is good and i will write more soon, yeah...

Lauren aka super suzie
my email is [email protected]

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