life of a studd
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2001-11-20 00:30:07 (UTC)


"monday is my favorite time of year" - NOFX

Ah monday, a day in which we all realize that reality bites
and it sucks to have to work. Luckily today was not like
that for me. Sure I got up went to breakfast and did the
normal crap, but come later in the day I found today to be
a day dealing with a lack there of work. As for
interesting events that happened today there were actually
a few. I realized that World Religion class is way to
early in the day (8am) and that it sucks having a last name
at the end of the alphabet (although I had this idea that
the last name didn't matter in college... too late..) yea I
had to wait after class in Business Law to learn that I'm
doing alright in that class. I seem to find that classes
are too easy for me. There's no challenge so to speak of.
I thought that college would offer a challenge, but all my
classes are too easy, it's just lame tests and busy work.
I don't like it but it works. See today I also learned
that my method of work works best. See in college I've
been doing all my work with no effort at all. Such as my
last english assignment (5 page report on children and
violence with 9 sources). Now for this I spent say 1
hour. Most of my classmates spent close to 4 hours or
more. Now I found out my friend autumn who works hard on
all her papers gets yep you guessed it a B. Ron on the
other hand gets a B . Now if this doesn't support the
American way (doing things half effort as quick as
possible) then I don't know what does! So I'm thinking of
teaching people the art of I mean there's a lot of
people that just don't know how to write papers in 10
minutes and get a good grade on it. I sometimes think
teachers like fecal material considering that's what my
papers are... ah well it's their choice of grades. I also
have to attribute some of it to divine intervention (THANK
YOU GOD!). But as for next semester I don't know, this
college is not challenging, I find the girls here pretty
much suck, and this college is too ghetto for me. Today I
found blood on the ceiling in my dorm hall, now you can't
get more ghetto than that. I mean heck you can have blood
on the floor, but blood on the ceiling? beat that! Yea
among other things. Well anyway I'm going to get goin
later to a thing tonight on drinking. I personally don't
drink much but what the hell? you know? yea joe just got
here so I'm going to get goin, but I dunno I hope I've
given you enough to read so to speak... bye... FOR NOW

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