2001-11-20 00:10:13 (UTC)


ash says:
another thing is that i always invite you to my house and
you always say that your mom wants to do a family day or
you have plans or your are busy with something else btu
when shauna wants to do something you can srop everything
to do something with shuana but when i want to try and do
something you are busy
ash says:
*but, drop
ash says:
i son't even feel like you are my best friend anymore, the
older we get the farther apart we get
ash says:
ash says:
it seems like the only time you want to spend time with me
is when you don't want to be alone or you need me to do
your hair
Ash says:
i nhave been feeling this way for a long time but now is
when i finally got up the courage to tell you
Ash says:
i was afraid that if i told you i would lose the best
friend i ever had
~*..........*~ says:
Ashley, if you haven't noticed, I haven't been able to
spend time with anyone lately and I've done like 2 things
with shawna in like the last 5 months, and I don't just
wanna be with you not to be alone or to do my hair, I want
to, but a lot of times stuff comes up and then it gets
dropped, my mom never knows what's going on, and the only
reason I get to ever do stuff with shawna is because she ha
~*..........*~ says:
s a car and will pick me up, I haven't even had a day off
in like 3 weeks now,
Ash says:
oh yeah but you know when i was planning on have a sleep
over you said that you were busy with your family and then
all of a sudden you go over to shauna's and stay the
weekend over there!!!!!! i know you love daniel and
everything but you know i have been friends with you ever
since 4th grade and you guys have been going out how
~*..........*~ says:
That had nothing to do with Daniel
Ash says:
but he was there
~*..........*~ says:
my mom told me that we were all going to go over there and
stuff, then she didn't feel like it and I got stuck home
and then shawna told me to just come over anyways
Ash says:
YOU are my BEST FRIEND and darina spends more time with me
Ash says:
you STILL could have called me and told me that you guys
ended up not coming
Ash says:
and darina stays the night at my house more often and you
wanna know something? i feel like i can't tell you anything
because you are always around daniel and i don't want you
to end up telling him
~*..........*~ says:
you think it doesn't hurt my feelings that Darina spends
more time with you then I do, Darina's mom also let's her
do a lot more. and I never told anything you told me to
anyone so I don't see daniel being any different
Ash says:
i can never tell you anything HE IS ALWAYS AROUND and if it
isn't him then it is someone else
Ash says:
if you felt that way why didn't you tell me?
~*..........*~ says:
I don't know, I'm not an open person, I never have been
Ash says:
i love you sooo much but i just don't feel like we are as
close as we used to be
~*..........*~ says:
to tell you the truth, a lot goes on in my head, I mean a
lot, and I'm always scared to tell anybody about it cause
I'm so afraid of getting hurt
~*..........*~ says:
I've always been that way
Ash says:
i would never hurt you, you can tell me ANTHING
~*..........*~ says:
I'm all messed up in my head ashley, I really am, ever
since I moved here, anything anyone has ever done is make
me feel bad, and it messed me up
Ash says:
i don't know about you but i fell a lot better
Ash says:
now that i have told you the truth and that i have cried my
Ash says:
~*..........*~ says:
I don't feel better, I feel like... I don't know, I feel
like screaming, I'm pretty close to going insane and
everything has happened to me and I can't take it
Ash says:
its gonna be okay
~*..........*~ says:
if you say so
Ash says:
if you have a good outlook then the outcome is usually good
~*..........*~ says:
I don't have a good outlook, I have too much bad stuff
Ash says:
i have to go do my chores but i am going to be back on later

Well, I think it was too good to be true, I know what she
means, cause I felt it too, but I can't help it, I really
can't, I mean, were older now, and I feel like all she ever
does is try and make me feel jealous of her or
something..... and the reason I won't go over to her house,
is because of something hygenical and I don't really want
to deal with it..... I don't know I feel bad for it though..

I can't help it though, I really can't..... I feel bad...
but I don't think were gonna be best friends anymore....
she doesn't even like any of the same stuff as me
anymore..... ...... .......

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