Kelcore's Journal
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2001-11-20 00:10:01 (UTC)

girly girls and their girly girl standards

I'm not usually one to give in,
but here I am whining again,
with girly girl standards in my head,
But if I begin to cry I may just go to bed,
that would just be too much,
for the boy I've been bred.

I asked some of my girlfriends what girls do, they said
they didnt have the time. I know they just dont want to
make the time anymore. Girls go on their own ways, that's
what they do, and leave me to play with the boys. When it
becomes a friendship you have to work at, they'd rather
just find a different friendship, one of convenience

ok I'm bitter

people need to stop going their own ways, they need to stop
growing up too soon!

Maybe boys dont grow up so fast,
maybe I'm a slow grower,
maybe that's why I'm left playing with the boys...