Princesse Lizzie
2001-11-19 23:31:20 (UTC)

tough stuff

today was alright...i went to school, socialized like a
good little monkey, and procrastinated against doing all my
work. you know the normal day for a 17 year old girl. my
main focus is to get into a college where i can have fun
and meet new people. my days are filled with dreams of the
people i will meet, and how much there will be to do once i
move out of this small New Jersey town lovingly called the
bubble. But today, things were different. Upon arrival at
home there was a letter from my dads attorney. he wants to
be granted the right to see me again. after all the
fighting, and i hate yous thrown between the two of us, he
finally wants to have me in his life. i dont want to be in
it. i would rather burn in hell than see that man and his
wicked wife Joan. For all that i care, i would be happy
knowing that they just fell off the face of the earth. i
find our law system really wacked some days. dont you think
that a 17 year old knows anything? dont you think i am old
enought to make decisions on who i hang out with on my own?
IM NOT 5 YEARS OLD ANYMORE!!! i hate how the judge thinks
that he knows everything, i hate how my biological dad is
so controlling and abusive, i hate it that my parents ate
putting me into this predicament, but most of all I hate
that they are not letting me make my own decisions in my
own life! i will do what i want to. if i feel like seeing
you i would, but i dont! so just leave me alone!!!