The End
2001-11-19 23:28:13 (UTC)

someone else has it worse

Ever hear those words?

You should be happy, someone somewhere has it worse than

Are those words supposed to comfort you? I don't think so.
Words like that tell you that how you feel is not important.
You may feel bad but someone else feels worse so buck up
kiddo and get over it.

Ok. You are right. My problems are nothing, how dare I feel

The problem with that is that you never learn to grieve
then. You never learn to allow yourself that pain. Now I
didn't say you are allowed to wallow in it, but if you let
yourself feel it you can then allow yourself to move past
it. To learn a little more about yourself and allow yourself
the triumphant feeling you get by overcoming that hurdle. It
strengthens you for the next one.

Would you walk past a wounded soldier, neighbor, stray dog?
Why walk past yourself? Stop and ask yourself how you're
doing and if you need help. Allow yourself that. It's called