Heart of Tanglewood

The Ravings of a Teenage Girl
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2001-11-19 22:56:50 (UTC)

Broken Computer

I haven't been able to write cause my computer's broken.
Right now I'm using my sister's. Well it's been allot easier
to get over D. I still like him, but not in a "Date" sense.
It's just an attraction. Some girl at my school is so
annoying. She's following me around all the time, and she's
pretty annoying.

On the good side, I'm going to get to go to Prom in April.
I'll probably go stag unless I can find a date between now
and then (When pigs fly) But, let me straighten this out for
you, I'm not an unattractive person, it's just that there are
only 50 people in my school, and only 15 sixteen yr. olds.
Not only that but I don't really go to many social events,
then there's my parent’s atrocious dating rules (I don't even
want to get into that).

My Dad wants me to get my learner’s permit (I'm 16) but he
doesn't know that you have to take a written test. I
probably won't get it.

I don't really like high school that much. I mean at first
the social stuff was fun, but now it's pretty boring. Social
stuff is boring unless you know allot of people.

I want to go to college or something. I want to take classes
at our local community college instead of taking my senior
year at this school. I don't like the kids here; they’re
goddamned boring. They have no lives, and none of them will
be successful in life. I know this because I know what their
dreams are. None of them want to make more then 60,000 a
year if that. None of them will marry for love. Every one
of them will have 6 kids. This is the way it works for them.
I don't feel sorry for them. I just crave more mental
feedback. I've only been in this school for 3/4 of a
semester and I'm already bored. But alas, my parents want me
to go here for another 2 semesters. What will I do?

I want to take up belly dancing but I don't know where they
offer classes.

I want to go on a vacation, hmm maybe Europe or Hawaii.
Doubt it. We won't go on vacation for another 8 monthes