Crazy Thoughts
2001-11-19 22:55:58 (UTC)

My shoulder god damn it, stop biting it...errrr...teeth marks!

haha-rape rape!! Riss what did I tell you? I'm not as easy
as easy mac, damn! lol!! Yesterday Riss was over, we were a
little hyper, but yea.....IT'S MY FUCKING KEYBOARD thank
you much! She paid me a buck to go into the store to
buy....well something and then we got a shitload of candy
and we talked to Phil and Dan and pretty much laughed our
asses off as though we were high (but we really weren't
don't worry, we don't that kind of stuff) Oh crazy crazy!
I'm just now calming down from yesterday! But goodness, I
saw Riss in the hallway today and I almost walked in the
other direction because I was afraid she's bite me shoulder
again! lol!!
Well on a note that you can understand, I'm having troubles
figuring out what to wear tomorrow! I know my life is so
hard, I can't figure outa anything! ahh! Feeling a shallow
moment comming on! Anyways, I need to find something cool
to wear because I have a ton of little social powwows I
have to attend to. It's one of those things! jeeze, thanx
Riss for getting me all hyper! Gonb (that's what we'll call
him for certain reasons) thinks your a crazy lesbian, well
he probably thinks of me that way too now! Too bad I'm not!
God, men have issues thinking that it's cool girls are
lesbians! I think it's digusting, yuck, chunks, puke! No
offense to all of you girls that our, I have nothing
against you, I just believe though that it is wrong-yes i
know I'll get a lot of respones back on this issue, it's
all provocative (that means stimulating Laura-haha!) or so
my bitch of an english teacher thinks so! But yea, I need
to calm down. Riss I can't blame it all on you for making
me hyper, I do admit Dan and I were being hilarious on the
phone, he's not mad at you don't worry, he still loves
you! :-)
Getting back to the rest of the readers, today was a fairly
normal day for me, thank goodness tomorrow is a half day! I
made little turkeys and passed them out to everyone
including "my favorite person" haha crak ho! I hope you
guys are all happy about thanksgiving, I happen to enjoy
gaining another fat role on my stomach (they do exsist gonb
and deep pilot!! yea crak ho!! i need to start using your
real names one of these days) But for thanksgiving I plan
on going down to the Lou-St. Louis that is and celebrating
thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family. I'm excited
to see everyone, I miss my family a great deal. I don't
know about you guys, but I love my family, and everyday I
hate facing the fact that they live so far from me. Most of
my family lives in Kansas City (both on the KS and MO
sides) I also have a lot of buddies down in Belle Plaine,
and I love them too-you're all hotties-haha I know Cod,
Kyky, and Adamy are reading this (once again nicknames...)
But I feel blessed that I know the people I do and am able
to surround myself with the friends and family that are so
beloved. To all that have issues with family/friends, I
feel your pain because it's hard to deal with problems by
the ones who are truly suppose to accept you no matter how
rough life gets, really no matter what. Enough of my talk
though, I really have no desire to further more discuss
Moving on, I want it to snow, it needs to snow, now! at
this very moment!! And Adamy needs to get better, everyone
better be praying for him!! His neck isn't healing and he
has to have surgery, I feel so bad for the guy, he's been
through too much shit he doesn't deserve to go through!
This is one of my best friends here, and I feel bad that
things are looking up, poor thing :`-(
Time for din din and to call Rissa Roni!! I love ya all!!
Steph :-)