Morbid Angel

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2001-11-19 22:48:00 (UTC)

Sorry got these sacks....

So ya. It's monday and I am all irritable n shit. Being
female really blows sometimes, pardon the pun. So this
weekend I hung out with Chris and painted my room while he
was at his gig. I had to paint it back to white to please
the momma. Maybe the bitching won't start as soon as she
walks into the house tonight... that'd be simply devine.

Listen here, I got this bad ass lace shirt from Victoria
Secret, it friggin rules! I don't think I have anything
else exciting going on... just the shirt and the wonderful
mind blowing orgasmic sex with chris, that fucking stallion
of a man, hmmmmmm. Oh yeah, that's what else I did all
weekend, had a sex marathon. Indulged myself, really I
did. And I plan on doing the same tomorrow. Lovely, isn't

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