2001-11-19 22:37:12 (UTC)

Sick today, but my heart got a breath in

I have heard from Breezy four times altogether now. It was
incredibly hard for me, but I hope it is worth it. I miss
one thing though, that I especially notice today I guess -
that fierce sense of loyalty Breezy had once upon a time.
Like when I was in the hospital and she refused to leave my
side, slept right there next to me irrigardless of hospital
policy, nurses attitudes about it - or whatever. I
defended it too - if she cares that much of course I'm not
going to let anyone stop her. I never felt so needed, nor
will I ever expect to again.

I got to hang out with Jade's grandparents, her uncle
Patrick and his spouse, her aunt Rose and Roses boyfriend,
and Bob and his wife. Saturday, November 17, 2001. Lots
of fun, great people - good for the soul. I miss Jade so
much - I am really worried about her...

I feel really lonely