Blood and Chocolate
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2001-11-19 22:28:04 (UTC)

You gotta find where the bird took G.I. Joe and get him back

Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here , today was a little wake up call for
me ! Yea its a lil crazy ! My song is comin along ! :)! I
am so proud ! although I don't think it is very good, but
alot of people who have read it think it is so cool !!!!!
omg zac my friend from on the bus and I are going to get
together this winter and go snowboarding , and we are going
to go to a Linkin Park concert !!!! :) !!!!! OMG Mark
Mcgraph is so freakin HOT !!!!!!! you all know the leader
of Sugar Ray !!!!!!!!!!! cutie with bootie!!!!!!! sorry i
am a lil horny !!!!!! haha ! RAPE!!!!! don't bite my
shoulder!!!!! LOL !!!!! Steph haha !jk jk jk!!!!!!
haha !!!!! omg omg !!! There is this totally fine guy named
Dave he is a jr. and he likes this girl and he gave her a
rose and bought her a ticket to the play and she totally
shut him down !!!! Ouch !!!!!! how mean is that!? ! he was
so upset and I was like ' aww hun don't worry about it !
You so deserve better! ' !!!!! Oh today I saw fridays Dark
Angel !!!! Omg talk about awesome !!!! awwwww Max really
does like Logan !!!!!!! You gotta find where the bird took
GIJoe and get him back here so we can bloody kill her ! LOL
sorry that was a line from the show!!!!!!! It was so
good !!!!!!!! Ok I have had way too much sugar !!!!!!
haha ! anyways ! I gotta babysit tonight ! ick !!! they put
me in this room with the kids while their crown group meets
and I can't leave the room !!!! Ahhhh ! It makes me
crazy !!! haha !!!!! I gotta bounce!