perversion in mind
2001-03-27 00:52:40 (UTC)


i was happy to already get a reply on my first entry. it seems we're
all confused inside, whether, female or male.
i'm not sure if i am confused, though. i would love to feel a woman
close to me in bed throwing herself onto me,
watching her caress her breasts then pulling my hands onto them - but
i know i could not love a woman. it's sad
because i hate how guys use girls but i really hate girls who do
anyone they look at - but i know if i were a guy i
would probably sleep with as many woman as possible because one just
wouldn't be enough. as for guys - i fall in
love with guys and stay with them as long as they are willing. plus,
i have only slept with 2. my last and this one.
even with them, though, i think of how it would be like to be with a
girl. i always wanted to try it out, to atleast
touch her body, but another boi always comes along and steals my
heart away. i love a guys hands. how strong
and big they are compared to a girls. when my boyfriend runs his
hands down my side i get wet in a second.
making love to a guy has to be so much better. with a girl it would
only be fun. my boyfriend and i stare at one
another while we make love. we never lose eye contact. it shows trust
and that you really love making love with
each other. with a girl i probably would try to lose eye contact
because to me eye contact means you really love
someone - and i couldn't love a girl. i could feel something towards
them but never love.