Zone of Misfortune
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2001-11-19 22:13:29 (UTC)

Marking of the second period commences

First marking period is over...Life remains crappy at best.

Let's a little band, need a singer, stalled right
now...Also, nothin' with video is going anywhere, the
program just isn't working...i don;t understand why it goes's become a studyhall...just frusterating

tis monday once more and besides eat ice cream and coffee
ring brand oreo cookie knock offs, my list has open mic on
it. haven't really been going to open mic night since the
inside looks like a chinese hospital or's
just packed with all these winny people, mostly standing or
sitting on the ground, with a select few sitting and

So why am i going? cause i am bored out of my gored and
don't feel like spending time at the old dwelling this

Maybe the life of a writer would be coo, of course i suck
at english, but the life wouldn't be bad...yet, today's
imptromtue speech in english wasn;t thatt bad, about my
stomach pains at 20,000 feet. wouldn;t have minded to see
iceland, that would have turned out to be a better story
after all, instead of narowly averting an appendix
opertation, i could have had it out in iceland, land of
milk and ice...

oh well, thy ruler of ze Night is talking about a flash ad
for a frontman for the i sign off