Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
2001-11-19 21:57:16 (UTC)

Austin was born...

I had Austin on 11-8-01 induced.The OB told me I was going
to Harbor Hospital for a sonogram.It turned out that Austin
wasnt growing anymore because my body wasnt built to cary
more than what he weighed then."Growth Retardation" was what
they called it.I was so scared and upset that I cried for a
while.At 5 o'clock pm I was 5 cm diolated and they broke my
water with a stick looking thing.Most of my belly went down
with the water breaking.The contractions werent what Id
expected.They were like strong tightening cramps.I had an
epidoral.This guy came in and it was quite painful bending
over with contractions.After it was done I was pretty high
for a while.Then it wore off and I started pushing.I didnt
know what muscles to use at first but now Id never
forget.Its like crunches without sitting up.If you push and
stop the baby sucks back up.The longer you keep pushing,the
quicker it will be over.My labor was 4 hours.
Austin Christopher was born at 9:22pm.5 pounds 6 ounces and
19 inches long.My bf was at my side until Austin came home
that friday.He had Jaundice so they sent him home with a
Billi Blanket.Now austins nickname is Wormie"Squrmie wormie"
or "glow worm".
Ive almost gotten Austins reutine down.He eats every 3-5
hours instead of 3-4 like the hospital said.His bath is the
hour before his 8-9 o clock pm bottle.He drinks 2 1/2 -3
ounces of Enfomil with low iorn.Later my ped. wants to
switch him to regular iorn.He sleeps in the bassinet and I
on the couch 15" away.
My bf gets lots of hand downs from his brother's younger
girls.To all their suprise Austin is responding way quicker
than his girls.:pI really wish it was clothes instead of
swings and carseats.Those things have to be checked more
thorough than my bf taking them apart and putting them back
together.Not safe enough!We use the bouncer chair and baby
monitor every day now that they work correctly.My bf is
supposed to bring over a used swing soon so Ill be glad to
use that if nobody is using it now.He gave me 60$ but it was
probably because he asked to take the Mac computer back.In
that case I was ripped off pretty bad.Ill give him time
though.He seems to be trieing.The only problem is Austin
doesnt see him as much.He fusses like my bf is a stranger to
him.Again,give it time.