ivy bekket

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2001-11-19 21:51:58 (UTC)

Random stuff.

okay, just once would I like to finish a meal without
looking down at the last few bites left, and wondering why
I was eating such repulsive food for the past however long
I had been eating. I would like to finish my goddamn ho ho
in peace without thinking "why on earth was I eating
something that looks like some unidentified space meat?"
for shitting jesus's sake, is that so much to ask? just a
little time to enjoy my food no matter what it is?

speaking of food, I have cravings, yes. they arent as
strange as some I've heard of. actually they're pretty
mundane. I find that I can hold down Code Red Mountain Dew
and Fruity Pebbles like no other food in the store. I'm
pretty good with strawberries and cream instant oatmeal,

I have cut down smoking (I've been a smoker for quite a
while, my first cigarette was when I was 15, but I really
started about february of this year) to every five hours,
and I'm smoking menthol ultra lights. even then, I cant
finish a whole cigarette. so, with the baby in mind, I
intend on quitting smoking by the end of december.

Oh yes, as far as the baby is concerned, I'm not keeping
it. I've decided to carry it full term and put it up for
adoption. I'm sure it will make some happy-but-infertile
couple happy. so if you are in need of a newborn in oh, six
months or so, give me a phone call or an email. ^.^

More bitching:
I'm getting sick of the snap popping open on my pants all
of a sudden every time I bend down to pick something up. it
makes me feel fat. I guess I'll have to get used to it.
my breasts are growing by the day. my friend Bayard seems
to find that mesmorizing and yet rather funny.

the hardest part about being pregnant is trying to tell
everyone you know that you are without getting people
staring at you blankly and going "noooo. yer jokin', yo."

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