What's on my mind
2001-11-19 21:32:18 (UTC)

The weekend

Cleaned the house, with the help of my parent. Watched
Tomb Raider (it was OK, Angelina is a babe). Went to a
housewarming party. Stayed there about an hour. It was
for some friends of the family. In other words didn't do
much. Woke up to try and see the meteors on saturday night
but there was so much fog I couldn't see anything. That
sucked. I should have went camping with my friends but
they didn't tell me that they were going. Probably because
my sister and her love interest were going and since we
aren't talking to one another they decided not to invite
me. Just speculation but I can pretty much geuss that is
the reason. Found out that the people that we cleaned the
house for aren't going to be staying with us. They decided
to stay at my Mom's because it would be to much trouble to
unpack and repack the babies stuff. That kinda urks me but
what can you do. I can't wait for ski season to start. I
need to have something to do again or I will go insane.
Tomorrow my friend and I are going to take a long lunch and
go to the Mall in DC to do some kite buggying. That should
be fun. It will be my first time trying it. Hope I don't
kill some unsuspecting civilian that just happens to be
walking were I lose control. Hopfully I don't kill
myself. I hear those kites can pick up some serious
speed. Any how it will be good to be doing something other
than the everyday stuff. Later.