Janus Wolf

The Book of Janus
2001-11-19 21:32:18 (UTC)

The introduction

This is my diary of a sorts, written on request of Eunice,
who has asked me to write about my thoughts and dreams.
I intend to use this diary as something I was planning for
a long time before, trying to create a "school" of playful
BDSM for her, a series of ideas for games, tests and other
things, together with my private thoughts and events.
I think you should all know that this diary was created for
two people mostly, but if you are not offended by graphic
language and explicit topics, you are welcome to read it.
However you must remember one thing, it is all a game,
every line, every test, every statement. These are the
rules of the game of BDSM, not of real life and should
always be separated.
And now a word on why I chose such title for the diary, it
all comes to one simple question, why do people write at
all? Trying to answer that I thought of a simmilar one, why
does a wolf howl? Perhaps because of a deeper need to show
the world he is alive.

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