The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
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2001-11-19 21:31:39 (UTC)

October 1,2001

This weekend was a very depressing one. ON Friday we
chilled by christines. Well that night we got so dunk that
Christine made out with Ariel. Then when Peter came
Christine did not know what to say or do. So she wanted to
kill herself. On Saturday the same shit happened but only
Kenny came over..OH SO DID LUKE.. He hates me though. Later
on that night, Christine went crazy. When she had went
crazy, I felt I had to call Luke To tell him that he needed
to come to help her. You knoe what he said, I cant my mom
wont let me out.So said ok bye. He called back and told me
to never call him again.Well gtg peace.

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