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2001-11-19 21:29:27 (UTC)

this is crap

ok so my mom and steve got married yesterday and well his
daughters are pissed and i talked to trisha about it and
heres our convo.
serenitysword [4:18 PM]: i dont like it
serenitysword [4:18 PM]: but i cant stop it
Coingal19 [4:19 PM]: y dont u like it?
serenitysword [4:19 PM]: why would i?
Coingal19 [4:20 PM]: i dunno maybe ud be happy for ur
serenitysword [4:21 PM]: *shrugs* sure why not?
Coingal19 [4:21 PM]: ok what does that mean?
serenitysword [4:21 PM]: lol i dont know
Coingal19 [4:21 PM]: so y r u mad at ur dad neways?
serenitysword [4:22 PM]: i dont know, really i dont
serenitysword [4:22 PM]: i guess just disappointed
serenitysword [4:22 PM]: hes not who i thought he was
Coingal19 [4:22 PM]: y r u disappointed and who did u
think he was?
serenitysword [4:23 PM]: a real person? i dont know
serenitysword [4:23 PM]: i have to go :-P nap time!
Coingal19 [4:23 PM]: he is a real person
serenitysword [4:23 PM]: laters
Coingal19 [4:23 PM]: yeah bye
what tha hell does she think he is a mutant i mean gosh
this is insane! well i mean i know where sehs coming from
well not totally but my mom has re-married 2 times after my
dad and they got divorced when i was like two and yeah her
life is different then mine but ive had to live with it and
i dont go getting all pissed at my dad well i g2g im
getting really pissed now bye